The cat is not cute. No. The cat is a killer.

Don't misunderstand. I like cats. They are intelligent, elegant animals who gave up eating our ancestors to cultivate them. They keep the graneries mouse-free and provide us with a loyalty dog owners do not begin to understand. In return, we give one in five a secure turf, a reliable food supply, a bond with someone who is not competing for resources, breed them for appalling characteristics, declaw them so they are defenseless, call them Kittywitty, or Muggins, and coo "Isn't that cute!"

The cat is not cute. The cat is a killer. That is her job: she does it well. Ask the mice, the moles, the insects, the birds. The cat is a predator, her cousins are the tiger and the leopard.

This site is dedicated to Sappho, tiger spirit.



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