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Poetry: History


King of the Kurgans: 3000 BCE

Dress me first in linen, edged
with purple, that all may know:
I was a King.          Fill my tomb
With gold and glowing copper:
let it be seen that I commanded mines.

South are gems, and forges,
busy traders, and great herds of
sheep.  East, only warring tribes,
ill-clad, worshippig idols.  West,
mud dwellers, still working stone,
only just coaxing the tears from
green rock, to make plain axes and
blunt, clumsy weapons:  they worship
women, and decorate with string.

Lay out my coat of camel hair, and
fill my tomb with animals:  the 
golden bull, to represent my wealth;
silver vessels stamped with lion,
boar, swift horse and sudden panther,
to demonstrate my power in the hunt.

Send with me slaves, enough to carry
the canopied dais, heavy with gold,
that I rode in the rich lands when
I sought an alien bride.     And
dress me in linen, fill my tomb with
the riches of these lands, that all
may know I have been King, and
will not be forgotten.
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