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What can an author say about his poems? I could say I like them, but I don't particularly: I just write them. If I could stop, perhaps I would be a happier person. But, things have improved -- now I throw most of them away, or avoid writing them down. Once a thing gets on paper, it acquires a life of its own. It is not easy to discard lives.

This is aural poetry, meant to be heard. Since the bardic tradition is dead, outside second-rate fantasy literature, I use spacing and punctuation to encourage the voices in your head to repeat it the way the voices in my head speak it. Given that this is the web, your browser may not produce exactly the same spacing, although I hope we can agree on punctuation.

It isn't love poetry. It isn't about deep, personal emotions -- at least, not the author's deep, personal emotions. Most of it won't tell you anything about the author at all, except that there are a great many books around the house, books read, and thought about.

Maybe that's enough. I don't like them, but I know some of them are good. I do believe deeply that certain things are worth thinking about.

Maybe, something you read here will make you think.... At least, I hope so.


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