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Poetry: Metaphysics


There is, about events,
a certain necessity -- yes --
which cannot be denigrated,
a kind of Catholic inevitability
which demands the free assent
of the unfettered Will;
a recognisable limit to
our self-creation, which is
disinterested recognition before
that which cannot be
changed                but
which refuses our refusal
for the sake of style:   this
could have been otherwise, but
not so perfectly, not so
        In such cases, yes
and no become linguists' tricks,
what is and what ought to be
are agreed, and we
can only assent.
                  (Of course,
we could say no.     But no,
we will say yes.)         Because
in the end, man, the order maker,
admires a beautiful equation
as much as
            an elegant solution. 
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